Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time flies

Where did the time go Whitni and Krysta will both be graduating this next year. It seems like Whitni just went away to school and then she just got married and now she is graduating!!!!

We had a most amazing trip to Vermont. First time ever for me to be there and we got to spend a few days with our darling Whitni. It was beautiful and the leaves were still colorful which was a treat. I haven't seen fall in person for many years. SVU's women's soccer team made it to nationals again and they were playing in Vermont. With it being her Senior year and all this was our last chance to see her play college soccer. It was awesome! I loved seeing her in action and it brought back lots of fond memories of bundling up and watching her play at Westwood and AYSO. She does love that game. We got to do a little shopping and sight seeing and just being with her. The final outcome of their games was not what they hoped for however we had a wonderful time just being there and sharing the weekend with her.

THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE.......THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!! I think this is something that Chicken LIttle would have said. Dinners, concerts, parties, shopping, wrapping, and taking a moment to just walk at the temple grounds to feel the wonderful spirit of this time of year. The lights are so beautiful and the sweet spirit of the Lord is so wonderful.

The holidays are on us and I was determined not to be stressed however I am busy. Thanksgiving was very nice it was at our home with all our children and my parents there except for our sweet Whitni and Buck. Samantha and I spent the morning making pie crust and cooking pumpkin. I tried a recipe I heard on the Food Network for Banana Pumpkin Pie. I didn't like it at all so I tossed 4 homemade pies. Next year I will stick with the Libby recipe on the back of the canned pumpkin. LOL but we had fun and Sam made pie crust!!! The leftover crust we rolled out and put cinnamon and sugar on it. That disappeared in a minute. It brought back good memories of my Mom making pies when I was small and doing the same thing with the left over pie crust. Yum Yum! So everything else turned out great! I marinaded the turkey in a brine for about 20 hours and there was not any turkey left. So that was a hit. I think I will do that again at Christmas. So we had a nice day the the food was good. Of course we had a little football to go with it.
So we did Black Friday but started at midnight on Thanksgiving at Arizona Mills and then went to Walmart at 4 am and then Bed Bath and Beyond. We all got in line early enough to each get a $10 gift card at Tilly's We had a good time and surprisingly Az Mills was not that crowded. So I think will will do it again next year. Found some good deals too. Oh I guess that was the point of doing it. I just had a great time with some of my kids. They are so great! Cameron got to work at Aeropostal from 1 am on Thanksgiving to 1pm on Friday. We are hoping that they will hire him. As of yet nothing else.
Cameron has put out alot of applications this holiday season trying to find a job but he has not had any luck finding something steady. I guess Heavenly Father has something else in mind.
Fortunately he has had a day here and there for a little money. Say some prayers for him.
That is all for now...530 am comes fast. Good night and love to you all! Jesus lives and we are celebrating his birth!!! It is a wonderful season with so much to be grateful for....family, friends, the gospel, jobs, just everything!!!

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